Website Design.

Website designing plays a vital role in the success of any e-commerce business these days. The evolution of digital marketing makes the need for creating an online platform for your business or brand essential. Having your business online helps you increase your brand awareness by increasing your advertisement coverage, the digital platforms help you reach millions of potential customers at once, either those in your locality or otherwise.

Every business should have one.

The need to create a website for your business can not be overemphasised. Whether you’re selling a product or offering a service, an increase in sales is the major goal of any business owner. This is exactly what owning a website does for you. However, owning a website might not bring you the desired result if your website is not properly designed and developed. This reason is why we at Spectra Media provide you with the unparalleled service of designing your website for a price unequal to the quality of our products and services.

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Our team works with you.

Our team works in tandem with you and also offers you professional advice when it comes to building a website that will adequately represent your brand. Every product or service has a unique type of website that can optimise conversions; a website for entertainment purposes should be quite different from that of selling products. We understand this concept fully which is why we carefully analyse our clients’ niche to gain perception about your target audience and customers’ needs. This act helps us ensure we create a website that’s unique to a particular brand and also runs at optimal effectiveness.

Why Spectra Media?

At Spectra Media, we don’t just design a website for our clients; we design a technically optimised website that brings about an increase in conversion rate to compete with top brands on the Search engine ranking page. It is our policy that no two clients would have the same website template, this is in a bid to keep up to our promise of uniqueness and ‘out of the ordinary website designs’.

Market Analysis

Our methodology of service involves in-depth research and analyzes about your market, to gain insight into the things that can help enhance the technical optimization of your website. We research about keywords pertinent to your niche and include it in your URL and page title, we also identify the fonts, and colours that best represent your brand and also the type of contents your website should contain.

Competitor Analysis

We also help you analyse your competitors' web pages to identify various ways yours can outwit their own. We identify the features that are lacking in your competitors' website and also improve on those they have to give you a competitive advantage over them.

Responsive Design.

We ensure that your webpage is responsive to any size of the screen used to visit. Irrespective of whether you visit with a mobile, laptop, desktop or tablet, a website designed by us is optimized to be highly responsive and mobile-friendly. The benefit of this is that it helps you increase traffic and also contributes to the rise in your search engine result page ranking.

Easy Navigation.

We ensure that websites designed by us can be easily navigated by users, this brings about positive user experience and a much-reduced bounce rate on your website. It is also a technique to improving your website traffic as a website that can be easily accessed and navigated is ranked higher on search engines, and also it ensures visitors stay longer and even return when they need something pertinent to your niche.

Impeccable Design.

We take into account both the technical optimization and the visual stimulation of website designing. Our web builders ensure that your website layout is perfect, and the choice of template, fonts, and colour all align with each other. This gives your website a great look and ensures potential customers spend more time on your page.

At Spectra Media, designing is one of our areas of specialities and our statistics of happy customers and track record of effective service is enough proof that we’re the best at what we do.

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